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*ahem* published on No Comments on *ahem*

It’s been…quite a while…since I last posted anything here and uh, wow have a, uhm, few things changed since then.


Anyway, the good(?) news is that I’m still here and I’m still alive, at the moment, so hey, why not post an update and work on my webcomic that I’ve been neglecting for roughly half a century? I’ll be using a different art program, so things may look a smidgen different since I last posted, but I’ll try to keep it within the boundaries of the former art style so it doesn’t look too terribly out of place.

published on No Comments on

After over a year of radio silence, a new comic! What happened to the comic, you might ask? Well, not much, really. I just sort of figured nobody read this thing, so I worked on other stuff. But then people started asking me what was up, why I hadn’t made any new comics in a while, so I thought what the heck, it’s long overdue for an update.

So enjoy, dear readers! IT LIIIIVES.

♥♥♥ Blackdahlia

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