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The Accursed Cabinet started out as a series of notebook doodles born from boredom, then the doodles got together and formed a loose story, which is turning into a respectable webcomic. The story follows Dahlia, a girl who finds a cabinet at a yard sale that just happens to have a big honkin’ portal on the the back of it that leads to other universes. The device turns out to cause her a lot of trouble, and she sets out to find a way to “turn it off”, and many shenanigans ensue.



I FRIGGIN LOVE COFFEE Blackdahlia is the artist/writer responsible for this nonsense. If you’re interested in commissioning artwork, or you’re lonely and need someone to talk to, you can contact the artist at


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O_o Dahlia lives in a house she inherited from a mysterious unnamed third cousin twice removed. Unfortunately, there were no proper book cases for her extensive collection of literature, so she buys a cabinet from a garage sale.
stopolisprofile Mr. Stopolis is Dahlia’s neighbor from down the street. There’s something odd about him, but nobody can quite figure it out. Has a tendency to laugh maniacally, and hates squirrels.
erikprofile Erik literally jumped out of the realm of literature via the Cabinet’s portal, Erik is a sad, lonely, and shy fellow who feels more secure wearing a mask. He loves wine, opera, and Christine, his unrequited love.

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